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What to expect in a Life Drawing class?

Updated: Mar 18

What is Life Drawing?

Life Drawing has been around for a very long time. Look at historic paintings or artworks and you will find many nude drawings in them. These are considered Life Drawings. Life Drawing, also known as figure drawing, is the drawing of the human form in various poses and levels of details.


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What happens in a Life Drawing class?

Most Life Drawing classes start with short poses by the model to get your creative juices flowing and to loosen you up and make you feel comfortable with your lines and warm up to the class. At first, you might be making stick-men or struggling to see a resemblance between your drawing and your muse. But as each pose goes by you will get slightly better at it, and by the end the feeling of achievement is a real buzz. As the poses get in longer you will have the time to create more detail in your artwork, you could include the curves of the body, or the muscles or face expression, the detail to your drawing is unlimited.


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Will the Life Drawing model be naked?

Yes, your model will be in their birthday suit for the durational of the class. It is all too natural to giggle at the thought of someone standing starkers in front of you, but once you’ve stopped blushing at the idea, make sure you respect your model. There’s certainly a lot of fun to be had in a Nude Life Drawing class, sit back and enjoy the naked muse. A good art teacher will also calm your nerves, by doing a couple of demonstrations at the start and giving clear instructions to help you hone in on the shapes and lines of the models anatomy.

What's included in the Nude Life Drawing package?

Our package includes a 90-minute class with a fully nude model for your drawing pleasure and a experienced art teacher to host and guide the class. Naughty drawing activities will be had and an opportunity for a photo session with the model. The package includes all the materials you will need to create your artwork including quality paper and pencils. To take things to the next level, the teacher may offer charcoals. It has a loose powdery composition and is very black in colour. However, that’s exactly why it’s such a fun and playful medium. It can be smudged very easily, gently rubbing it with your fingers to create different shades of grey.

Tips to get the most out of a Life Drawing class?

Our favourite tip to get the most out of you class is to learn about observation skills. Looking is different from seeing. Looking at things is easy, but seeing is harder. We can easily look at a model and know it’s a model. But seeing means understanding the model’s body, knowing where the muscles are, how the body is rotated, where the shadows and lights are, the proportions and relationships of the parts of the body, the angle at which the head is tilted and the list goes on. By seeing, we can draw with more detail.


Become a confident life drawing artist, learn more here:

“Our favourite part of drawing is even when 20 people are looking at the same subject and using the same tools, they produce uniquely individual work.” Foxy Hens Party Teacher

“Life Drawing is a shared experience; we’re all doing the same thing.” Unknown

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